For sending offers: Please make sure that you have included:

Preapproval from a DIRECT lender with at least 10% down on conventional offers. Approvals must include property address, loan amount, borrower’s name, loan program and be dated within the last 30 days.
Earnest Money deposit check – this must state the purchasers name, made out to “escrow” and must be at least 1% of purchase price. Escrow companies are assigned at the execution of all contract paperwork.
Proof of funds for down payment: This must be dated within 30 days, state the purchasers name and show availability of funds for entire deposit amount.
Fico Score – Please include the purchasers FICO scores, industry standard including 3 reporting agencies.

Most clients typically respond within 48-72 hours. We always suggest that you send your clients highest and best offer as many times the seller receives multiple offers. Please contact our office for further information.